Low Noise Barriers

Symbiosis of aesthetics and function

Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA radically change the perception and function of “low height noise barriers”. Due to their low height, they can be placed close to the track. Thus, they absorb the noise right at the source.

Unobtrusive & effective

Due to their low height, the Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA are not perceived as a visual barrier neither by passengers on the train or by residents near the railway lines. They offer an optimal combination of sound insulation and aesthetics, applicable at new and also retrofitted lines.

Easy installation

The Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA are comparatively light and space-saving. Thus, they are easy to install, with changing the ballast nor other track components. Main advantage is the founding with piles. After their installation at the track, all other works are mostly avoiding any track closure. The elements are delivered either as 4-meter sections (240 kg) or as a 2-meter section (150 kg).

Integrated cable channel

At the base of each Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA a cable channel is integrated. It is accessible by tilting the elements. Inlets and exits to the cable channel can be individually incorporated.

Winter safe

Already installed Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA have shown, that the airstream of passing trains is sufficient to clear the track area. Only small snow volumes remain in between the noise barriers.

Curves & bridges – no problem

Due to the special design, curves, bridges and special landscape profiles are no problem for application. Should the Schrey & Veit noise barriers PINA not fit in special case, we will gladly develop an individual solution.

Homologation and acoustic assessment

Today, the homologation is permitted for test tracks in different railway networks. According the national rules, containing also technical and acoustic requirements, further homologation processes are under work. Also the acoustic assessment, e. g. according German Schall03, is integrated.

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