The solution for hanging sleepers from ballast settlements

ShimLift is an vertical adjustable rail fastening, designed to improve the track quality by reduced maintenance costs.

ShimLift on the track

ShimLift features

  • Equals ballast settlement which causes hanging sleeper
  • Avoids repeatet settlements (sleeper memory effect)
  • Vertical free space compensation of up to 30 mm
  • Usage in transversion zones, therefore before/after bridges, level crossings, transition from slab track to ballasted track etc.
  • Compatibel to all common sleeper profiles
  • Reducing the vertical wheel rail contact forces due to the flat rail level under load


ShimLift advantages

  • Fast vertical adjustment after installation – rail needs not to be lifted up
  • No tamping required – no wear at ballast and sleepers
  • Considerable cutted maintenance expenses
  • Avoids the re-development of hanging sleepers
  • Experienced amortization time: 3 to 5 years


ShimLift Installation

  • No work required at the ballast
  • Sleepers can remain on place, only change of rail festening
  • For each installation section: Only 3 worker, 1 working hour
  • For each installation section: Adjustment in < 30 min


ShimLift Video

Learn more about the ShimLift working principle and the setup from the brief video clip.

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