The solution for voids underneath sleepers

ShimLift is a height-adjustable rail fastening system for improved track quality and reduced maintenance costs.

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ShimLift approvals

Various approvals, both for operational testing and for series application, have been obtained in the meantime. Please contact us regarding further approvals, also according to the cross-reference method.

What is ballast memory effect?

The track ballast needs sufficient space to form a new load-bearing and stable aggregate after a tamping operation. When eliminating voids of low height by tamping, only the angular position of the ballast under the sleeper is usually changed, but not its orientation. This prevents the desired creation of a new aggregate: after just a few train crossings, the ballast returns to its original position and the void underneath the sleeper is back.

What are transition zones?

The transition zone is the area between superstructure systems with different settlement behaviour. These transition zones are found before and behind railway bridges, level crossings, and where ballast superstructure changes into slab track. There may also be transition zones between different ballast qualities (e.g. transition from old ballast to new ballast).

ShimLift video

ShimLift’s design and functionality are shown in the video clip.