Engineering services for testing & development

Schrey & Veit has more than 25 years of development and test experience in the areas of vibration, vibration damping, sound emission and sound protection. The headquarter site in Sprendlingen offers services at an enhanced structuredynamic testing laboratory with various test benches.

Altough, on-site the mobile equipment can be used. This approach is necessary at e. g. railway bridges and, if the not being detachable, railway wheels can be measured at workshops.

You can use our equipment and experience as an engineering service to avoid capacity bottlenecks and reduce test and development costs. Our in-house prototype department produces experimental setups fast, professional and cost-efficient.

Vibration measurements on demand

With our 32-channel data acquisition device, we are able to carry out simple and also very extensive investigations on behalf of customers, both stationary and mobile. An analysis software displays the modal shape of vibrating structures and deliver the results to the client for further evaluations. Both the measurements and the evaluations can also be executed on site at the client’s premises.