Schrey & Veit vibration dampers for aircraft

DO328 – dampened vibrations – improved comfort

n 1994 and ordered by Fairchild Dornier, Schrey & Veit developed vibration dampers for the most modern turbo-prop aircraft at those days, the DO328. The disadvantage of the DO328 was the higher cabin noise level, a general feature of propeller aircrafts compared to jets. After one year of development work including different tests, the dampers serial production was started in 1995.

Helicopter Bell UH-1D becomes airworthy at night

The legendary Bell UH-1D is not only bearing a distinctive sound, but shows also strong vibration of the cabin. By Schrey & Veit tuned vibration dampers it was upgraded for night flying: All instruments and air maps became readable in the darkness – the cabin was sufficiently improved.

Schrey & Veit takes over INCT from Daimler-Benz Aerospace

In 1997, Schrey & Veit integrated the patented absorber technology of INCT (Innovative Noise Control Technology) department of Daimler-Benz Aerospace.

Picture: Jürgen Lehle