System dampers

Vibration dampers for every application

Since 1994, Schrey & Veit is developing and producing dampers that prevent vibrations and thus noise. Schrey & Veit vibration dampers are installed in rail vehicles, large propulsion engines, submarines, aircraft and steel structures. Once even in the track of a garden railway: Residents had been complaining on the large traffic amount of the hobby railway.

What are system dampers VICON SYSA?

System dampers VICON SYSA are all those vibration dampers, which are not applied in this type at other structures. Always, these are individual products, tuned to the specific vibration behaviour. This is necessary to achieve an efficient and long-lasting effect. The construction is free of maintenance and reaches high lifetime – usually complying with the lifetime of the vibrating asset.

The solution is always as individual as the cause

Schrey & Veit has more than a quarter of a century of experience in noise reduction with vibration damping. Many projects had shown, that the vibration damping always has to be individual tuned. For upcoming applications, the physical principle will be transferred, allowing the construction adjustment of the system dampers VICON SYSA. The straight path to a successful vibration damper covers the analysis, development, testing and finally the production.

Reducing wear by preventing noise

System dampers VICON SYSA are effectively preventing vibrations, thus noise and often also wear. This decreased impact on the environment and the residents is a major improvement – and also the reduced maintenance effort. Usually, many other positive effects are linked with this benefit.