Rail fastening ShimLift at further sites

The vertical adjustable rail fastening ShimLift is now in operation at further sites at the DB Netz AG network: Beside other locations, at Weißwasser and Rietschen in the Upper Lusatia region at the line no 6142, but also close to Schwerte (Ruhr) at line no 2550. Multiple road crossings and bridges had been remediated and the adjacent transition zones have to be effective protected against settling, caused by the increased vertical loads after leaving the road/bridge area. To avoid hollowing sleepers, ShimLift increases the rail sleeper distance fast and easy: Two shims are slipped against each other and exactly fixed according the current sleeper position.

The installation was executed in cooperation with TS Bau, Rhomberg-Sersa and Schweer-Bau in only y few hours. Parallel track works had not been impacted.

It became clear, that the ShimLift advantages are easing both the track maintenance and also its installation work.