Rail dampers for extended noise reduction in the Elbe valley / Saxonian Switzerland / Dresden urban area

German network manager DB Netz AG continues with the “Lärmsanierung” (noise remediation) on existing railway lines and for particular sensitive areas, a “Machbarkeitsuntersuchung” (feasibility study) sets the frame for further improvements. One of these areas is the Elbe valley where in 2011 rail dampers had been already installed for testing purposes – most of them from Schrey & Veit.

The “Machbarkeitsuntersuchungen” contained dialogue formats with the resident communes and is showing their multiple requests to apply innovative rail dampers instead of noise barriers. Although the noise reduction is decreased, no visual hinder is erected inside the rural villages and the view on the picturesque river valley of the “Saxonian Switzerland” remains free.

Schrey & Veit was selected to supply the homologated and approved rail damper of type VICON AMSA FSV for this line no 6240 and to organize and execute the installation work. It was possible, to combine these installations with other track works to minimize the track closing times – without impact on the high installation quality.

The rail dampers had also been installed at adjacent track sections at the Dresden urban area.