Shift2Rail project Assets4Rail successful finished

The overall objective of Assets4Rail is to contribute to the achievement of cost efficient and reliable railway infrastructures. Workstream 1 focusses on improving the inspection, maintenance and upgrade methods for cost reduction and quality improvement of railway bridges and tunnels; but also the noise and vibration reduction in bridges is an objective.

At bridges, the increased noise emission bears the risk that local noise limits are exceeded and restrictions on the train traffic have to be activated.

Schrey & Veit supports the R&D activities by improving the bridge vibration dampers of type VICON SYSA ZA. This processing mainly includes laboratory analysis and designing, damper production and on-site installation. Overall, three times a full bridge was applied with these dampers. The noise reduction effect was assessed by expertise but independent project partners to up to 4 dB in single third-octave frequency bands.

Assets4Rail was funded in the frame of the Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail by the European Union.